2nd International Conference of Dramatherapy & Playtherapy

Antigoni Kemerlioglou
Psychologist, Play Therapist
Antigoni Kemerlioglou is a Psychologist- Play Therapist. She has a BSc in Psychology (University of La Verne), an MSc in Psychology & Health (University of Stirling, Scotland), and an MSc in Psychology of Education (Institute of Education, UCL). She has further training in Play Therapy (“ATHYRMA”), and supervision in Play & Drama Therapy (“HERMA”). Professionally, she has collaborated with Centres of Psychosocial Support as a Psychologist (primary, secondary prevention). She has teaching experience in British and American University programmes held in Greece in the domains of Psychology and Counselling. She works for ”HERMA” as an instructor and supervisor at the Play Therapy programme. She works privately as a Psychologist- Play Therapist where she sees children, parents, adolescents and adults, and supervises mental health specialists. She participates as a guest speaker in conferences. She is a member of the Association of the Greek Psychologists and vice president of the Panhellenic Professional Association of Dramatherapists & Play Therapists.