2nd International Conference of Dramatherapy & Playtherapy

Dr. Koutra Kleio
Assistant Professor of Social Work Public Health at H.M.U.
Dr. Koutra Kleio is Assistant Professor at the Social Work Department of the Hellenic Mediterranean University. Her doctoral dissertation discusses the impact of social capital on students’ health behaviors from the perspective of Social Work. Since 1998, she had taught to the Department of Social Work the following courses: 1) Needs Assessment and Social Planning, 2) Intercultural Social Work, 3) Community Work – Methods of Intervention, 5) Elderly and Disabled People – Social Work Interventions. Coordinates and participates in a series of research projects focusing on diversity, health access of immigrants and indigenous people, and the transition from youth to adolescence. Her main research interests are in Community Social Work, social capital, diversity, health behaviors, addiction and youth, prevention and health promotion.